Stunning panoramic views around Seis / Siusi

One picture, a thousand impressions

The birds in the Hauenstein Forest welcome the day with their cheerful twittering, the sun slowly rises on the horizon. In front of us lie the so-called pale mountains and their landmark, the majestic Schlern / Sciliar, which towers right above us. You walk out of your room onto the balcony, catch sight of the great outdoors and have unique panoramic views.

Thousands of little dashes of colour mark out the surroundings and paint a picture that nobody will forget for a long time. Deluxe panoramic views in Seis / Siusi and on the Seiser Alm / Alpe di Siusi are all part of the daily indulgence. One magical painting follows the next. You deserve to simply pause and savour the moment.

"We at the Ritterhof hotel will be happy to tell you where you can find the most beautiful panoramic views in the area, to take you up to the Seiser Alm / Alpe di Siusi into the colourful world of the Dolomites to discover South Tyrol from a totally new perspective", says the Oberhofer family. Pure nature with 360° enjoyment factor awaits you in the land of Schlern / Sciliar witches. Just one of the things to discover during the weekly guided themed hikes!

A virtual walk on Alpe di Siusi

Seiser Alm

Alpe di Siusi at its best

Seiser Alm

The nature that surrounds us gives us the purest and sincerest energy.

Hanny's worldly wisdoms


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