Original recipes from South Tyrol

For you to cook at home

The Ritterhof is quite rightly called the gourmet stronghold at the foot of the Schlern / Sciliar. We entertain our guests at the Ritterhof with delicious traditional South Tyrolean recipes, combined with the elegance and lightness of Italian cuisine as well as international treats to tickle their taste buds. Each bite is a unique explosion of taste, every single dish is poetry in itself. Our guests also rave about it: "Outstanding food of the highest quality. Your every wish is read from your lips."

We would like to present some of the treats from our gourmet kitchen to you. Our recipes from South Tyrol for you to cook yourselves for a piece of your dream holiday at home:

  • Apple strudel
  • Plum strudel
  • Bread

Dandelion salad with potato dressing

Clean and wash the dandelion leaves thoroughly.
Peel the potatoes, cut them in small cubes and bring to boil in wine. Add some water if the wine is not...

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Scrape the seeds from the vanilla pod. Beat the mascarpone, curd cheese and vanilla seeds with an egg whip until they're smooth. Crumble ...

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Recipe for one strudel

How to make the pastry:

Place the sieved flour on the worktop, crumble butter over 3/4 of it, add the rest of the ingredients and quickly work into a ...

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(buckwheat cake)

How to make the pastry:

Mix the butter with 150 g sugar and the egg yolks until creamy. Add the flour, almonds and vanilla sugar and mix. Beat the eg...

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Linzer Torte

How to make the pastry:

Chop up all the ingredients with a knife on a chopping board then quickly knead them into a soft dough (add flour as required...

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Marble cake

How to make the cake mix:

Mix the butter at room temperature with 200 g sugar and the vanilla sugar until creamy, gradually mix in the egg yolks. Mix ...

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Mushroom strudel with curd pastry

How to make the pastry:

Knead everything into a firm dough, roll it out and fold twice and then four times. Refrigerate.

How to make the filling:


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Nut strudel with filo pastry on chocolate sauce


Knead into a smooth dough by hand and refrigerate for 2 hours.

Nut filling:

Warm up the sugar and butter and stir in the remaining ingredient...

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