À la carte massages in South Tyrol

Soothe the body and soul

Millions of sensory cells in our brain register the gentle massaging strokes and promptly trigger the release of the body's own endorphins. We feel good, fit and alive. We should treat ourselves to these kinds of moments of happiness more often. How about a massage à la South Tyrol?

Beauty opening hours

Winter: from 2 pm to 7 pm
Summer: from 2 pm to 7 pm

In bad weather: from 1 pm

Ritterhof’s Wish List

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Vitalis - Dynamic recreation back massage

Approx. 50 min79,00 euro

Vitalis - tummy tightening treatment

Approx. 50 min79,00 euro

VItalis - Detox cellulite treatment

Approx. 90 min119,00 euro

This massage stimulates the energy channels, promoting serenity and inner peace.

Approx. 50 min.75,00 euro
  • Detoxifying and harmonising
  • Vitalizing
  • Regenerating
Approx. 50 min. each75,00 euro

A very deep sensitive massage against muscle cramps and for total relaxation.

Approx. 50 minutes 68,00 Euro
Approx. 80 minutes with beauty pack 105,00 Euro

Soothing relaxation and moisturising for the face.

Approx. 25 minutes40,00 Euro

Releases inner blockages and induces our body into a state of inner peace.

Approx. 25 minutes45,00 Euro

Relaxes cramped muscles and stimulates the circulation.

Approx. 25 minutes40,00 Euro

Special firming treatment for problem areas. For a slim, toned figure.

Approx. 50 minutes78,00 Euro

Different vital organs are activated by stimulating several pressure points on the foot.

Approx. 50 minutes79,00 Euro

Gentle pumping movements stimulate the lymph glands, this massage has a draining and detoxifying effect. 

Approx. 50 minutes75,00 Euro

Your body is pampered using seductively fragranced warm oils and a special massage. Has a de-stressing effect and moisturises the skin. Enjoy immediate deep relaxation.

Approx. 50 minutes75,00 Euro
Approx. 80 minutes with beauty pack112,00 Euro

We recommend booking your treatments when you book your room so that we can reserve the treatments you want and your preferred appointment in good time. Or surprise your friends and acquaintances with an indulgent gift voucher.

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Email: beauty@ritterhof.com or Tel: +39 0471 706 522


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