Sauna, whirlpool and pure relaxation in the Dolomites

Water and warmth

Our bathing and sauna world Zur Waldburg is small but very elegant. After a day in the Dolomites, immerse yourself in a realm of wellbeing, relax and allow everything you've experienced to sink in. Then start your next adventure in the Dolomites or go back to your everyday life totally free and chilled out.

Sauna world opening hours

In case of good weather: 3.00 to 8.00 pm
In case of bad weather: 1.00 to 8.00 pm

  • Whirpool
  • Relaxing
  • Water and warmth

Our Bio–Vital sauna is gentle and mild at 65°C. The humidity is increased and a pleasant herbal fragrance is released by regularly pouring various herbs over the sauna. Subtle colours alternate and produce interesting, pleasant moods. Herbs revitalise the body and soul.

Revitalising and stimulating. This classic sauna means sweating healthily at 95°C. You feel transported into the nearby Hauenstein Forest with the twittering of birds and gentle sounds of nature.

Immerse yourself in the thousand year old bathing pleasure of the Sultans on the Bosporus. You can really relax wonderfully in the glittering world full of steam, exotic fragrances and the radiation of pleasant warmth. A light show accompanies this unique scenario.

Our extra large whirlpool sends you into ecstasy with tingly moments. Bathe, relax and simply enjoy the all-round feel good factor. Let yourself be carried on a wave of ecstasy.

Stimulate your circulation as Father Kneipp did many years ago: with alternating cold and hot baths. It is incredibly stimulating, healthy and refreshing.

The vital showers provide four experiences: in the cool refreshing mist your body is surrounded by millions of fine water droplets and sprayed with a pleasant mint fragrance. Then the cool rain trickles down on you and after the kick of freshness under the cold waterfall your body is reinvigorated by a full body water massage.

The private frigidarium with fresh cold air where you can take some really deep breaths is connected to the sauna world.

Be surprised and enjoy a very different kind of cool down: with a refreshing stop in the ice grotto.

Our Dr. Kern solarium is available round the clock for that seductive tan.
16 min. EUR 8.00

Enjoy the rays of sunshine dancing over your body whilst listening to the gentle splashing of water and enjoying the view over the Santner peak or the charming St. Valentine's Church from our lawn for sunbathing in the Garden of Dreams.

Experience tranquillity and relaxation, or perhaps meditation, on wonderfully comfortable upholstered loungers in our chill out oasis. Let yourself be cocooned by soothing music. You can also retreat here to read and just take some time out.

Seiser / Siusi tea, the delicious knight's drink, fresh spring water and dried fruits are the ideal thirst quenchers after an invigorating sauna and are available for you to help yourself to.

The largest and best fitness studio here in Seis am Schlern / Siusi allo Sciliar is of course nature. However, you can do some additional cardio training in our small but fine "torture chamber". We believe in "mens sana in corpore sano" and are happy to organise a personal trainer on request.

Opening hours: 7.00 am to 8.00 pm


Never wait to be thirsty but train yourself to drink without motivation. That means drinking at least two litres of water a day. It cleanses the body and "nourishes" the skin.

Hanny's spa tip


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Do you know the feeling? The one you wish you could hold onto forever? That is Luxury for the Soul.

Doing little things with great love. With passion, courage, and an eye for what really matters. For moments that move you and stay in your heart. Welcome to the world of Sensoria Dolomites!

Our soul project, which we’ve been working on for more than four years, is slowly taking shape. Step by step, our dream is becoming reality – what a wonderful feeling! It’s an intense but rewarding time.

Sometimes, a step back still takes you towards your destination. We never lose our optimism and courage. 

Our hearts are glowing, our eyes are sparkling. And a small tear is even running down our cheeks, because the time is finally here: We’re giving you a first glimpse. A glimpse of a place of spiritual power that we’ll fill with love and warmth together with you. We’re making room for quiet moments. To hear more. We give you space for peace when you need it. We’re creating a haven for quality time.

A goal is a dream with a deadline: Sensoria Dolomites. Luxury for the Soul. From summer 2022.

Ready for our first encounter?

Warm regards, Lea and Simon with Victoria and Carolina and the entire Sensoria Dolomites team