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We are certain that no other of the hotels at the foot of the Alpe di Siusi offers as many and varied pleasures for your holiday as Gourmet hotel Ritterhof. Your wellbeing is our uttermost concern, and we wish to make your time with us as pleasant and carefree as possible. Part of that is to provide you with news and interesting information concerning your holiday. We do that here, on the news site of our homepage.

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21.06. – 22.09.2014

Take an unusual picture of the Alpe di Siusi, invent a creative image title and participate at the photo contest.

All submitted pictures will be published on the Flickr channel of Alpe di Siusi Marketing. After closing date, an internal jury will make a pre-selection of the 12 best pictures and the Facebook community will vote the winner.

Participate and send your best picture of the largest alpine meadow of Europe. The best five photos win exciting stays in Siusi allo Sciliar.

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From the 30th May to the 29th August 2014 summer on the Alpe di Siusi puts a focus on families.

The Alpe di Siusi is a great place for families. Exciting activities will transform children into true Dolomites Rangers, as they will be able to observe the habitats of various animals and learn to recognize their traces. A further summer highlight are the entertaining days in the company of the witch Martha. The children can follow the footsteps of the Sciliar witches and, at Castel Prössels, they will go on an exciting journey through the Middle Ages.
Animal lovers have the possibility to become acquainted with the life of farmers, take a guided trip on horses or learn more about how corn becomes flour.
Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities, special family offers or events for the youngest, the holiday area Alpe di Siusi is the place to be.

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On the 30th May starts the famous Oswald von Wolkenstein riding tournament.

From the 30th May to the 1st June the traditional Oswald von Wolkenstein riding tournament takes place at Siusi allo Sciliar. 36 teams demonstrate their abilities in four disciplines. The teams, each composed of four riders, are equipped with their emblem and traditional clothes. The tournament’s settings are strongly linked to Oswald von Wolkenstein’s life and work. The first competition is the ring jousting at the Monte Calvario in Castelrotto, followed by the challenge of the labyrinth at the Matzlbödele in Siusi. The third challenge takes place at the beautiful Laghetto di Fiè pond, where the riders have to do a gallop. The last competition of the riding tournament is the ride through posts at Prösels Castle. As you can see, the tournament doesn’t only ask for speed, but it requires also perfect horse handling and flexibility.

By the way: already two days before the show, Siusi celebrates a medieval festival to honour the famous troubadour Oswald von Wolkenstein! Don’t miss it!

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From 7th May on, guided farm house tours will take place in Siusi allo Sciliar.

By following old paths, you will reach historic farm houses, where you will gain an insight into life and work on a farm.
In addition, you will get to see beautiful meadows surrounded by untouched larch and stone pine forests. Enjoy this interesting hike to the heart of a breathtaking mountain world.
The hike will take about 4 hours, with a difference in altitude of 400 metres.

If you want to participate in this journey into the past, sign up!

Further information:

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During this period, nearly everyone wants to enjoy nature by taking part in outdoor activities. The warm sun rays make us dream about the summer, while up in the mountains, the last traces of winter are melting away.


A much recommended spring hike is the tour from Fié allo Sciliar to Siusi and Castelrotto.


A good starting point is the big parking space in the small village of San Antonio. From here, follow trail no. 14 and later trail no. 13A, which will lead you through the forest to the Lake of Fié allo Sciliar, one of the cleanest lakes in Italy.

After about two hours, you will arrive to the centre of Siusi. The trail no. 7 will lead you to the chapel of S. Valentino, embedded in the beautiful meadows above Siusi. Although it is only spring, the sun can be quite hot in this section of the tour. Hiking straightly towards Castelrotto, you will reach the historic centre in about 10 minutes.


Enjoy the hike!

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Spring has arrived and nature is reawaking. The snow smelts and the spring snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils are the first to oppose to the cold season and sway in the gentle breeze, stretching out their little heads towards the warm rays of sunshine.

Spring with its bright blue sky invites everybody to enjoy nature by taking part in outdoor activities. Hiking, mountain biking or Nordic walking satisfies our need for movement.

Spring also offers many great things for gourmets. The season of asparagus has begun and fresh strawberries and the first ice cream can be tasted!

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Finally, spring and the warm temperatures have arrived. Easter, too, is close and various traditions delight people of all ages.

Children and adults are looking forward to coloring eggs and decorating the house.

Easter Sunday is particularly rich in traditions. People bring baskets full of treats to church. After their benediction, the children run back home and search the well hidden Easter nests, while the adults prepare the Easter menu. Traditional Easter plates in South Tyrol are Easter ham and bread, as well as asparagus with a special egg sauce.

A funny tradition is the so called “Osterpecken” or “Preisguffen”. It is a kind of competition with hard-boiled eggs. Two people have to hit two eggs against each other, first the flatter side and than the other one. The winner is the one whose egg does not crack.

In some villages there is the tradition of throwing eggs over the house. Those who succeed will be lucky all year long.

Happy Easter!

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Every year, Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter, is widely celebrated in South Tyrol. Various traditions welcome spring and the Holy Week.

It’s a long tradition that children go to church with the so called palm brushes. It’s a bouquet of palm leaves and heather on a long bar, decorated with colored crepe paper. After the benediction, children carry them around and put them in their garden. It should protect the house.
Adults always take a bouquet of small palm or olive branches to church.

Another tradition is the one of the palm monkey. The family member who gets up last in the morning, is the new owner of this unwished title.

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A paragliding fly over the Dolomites is a unique experience and an unforgettable holiday moment.

A shuttle service will bring you to the starting point Bullaccia, and after a few steps of startup you will take off, and a breathtaking view will be at your feet. After 20 minutes of flight, you will reach Castelrotto. Time will literally fly.
The equipment, inclusive quilted ski suite, will be provided by the Tandem team.


Enjoy the winter wonderland from above!


For further information click here:

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Holidays on the Alpe di Siusi will become even more interesting and easier thanks to the Culturonda® Dolomythos App.

The new virtual travel guide explains the richness of everyday culture in the Dolomites.

Twelve themes are selected, each with three points of interest: the origin of the Dolomites, the phenomenon known as alpenglow, trade routes, the poet Oswald von Wolkenstein, myths and legends, alpinism and tourism, WWI front lines, bodies of water, the Ladin language and culture, Mother Natures’ masterpieces, and the UNESCO World Heritage status.

The app offers information on specific themes and points of interest, opening hours of various attractions, information on public transport, parking facilities, and a detailed travel description using Google maps.

Try it out and become a real Dolomites expert!



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20.03.2014 10:00

27.03.2014 10:00

Don't miss the unique opportunity of a guided tour and enjoy the spectacular panorama of Alpe di Siusi.

Your tour guide Günther Vettori will lead you on this  3-hours excursion, and he will explain you how animals live and survive in the winter. Starting from Compatsch, you will cross the beautiful Alpe di Siusi, which will impress you with its marvelous panorama and the fresh mountain air.

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As every year the famous "Blue Riband" Race is delivered on the Alpe di Siusi.


With the new categories "pioneers" and "classic" the race will become even more spectacular. The pioneers will show their capacities using traditiona equipments from the 40's to the 60's. The racers of the classic category need to reach the top of the slope on foot.

The fastest skier in each category will receive a "Blue Riband Trophy" like the ones awarded to the luxury liners which could cross the Atlantic the fastest.

Don't miss the race.

© Tino Hemmann -

This week, in the whole of South Tyrol, people are celebrating carnival.
All over the country from Thursday until Wednesday, the actual day of carnival, there will be many different parties and events for everyone.

Whether it be the Carnival on Snow party on the slopes of the Latemar ski center, the Carnival for children in Brunico on Thursday or the famous Rose Monday ball in San Candido, there surely is the right event for everyone, great and small.

Enjoy the colourful and crazy atmosphere by celebrating carnival here with us in South Tyrol!

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02.03 – 09.03.2014

This year as usual, the exceptional Swing on Snow music festival invites many visitors to the Alpe di Siusi in South Tyrol.

11 bands in total are expected to play at 23 concerts at a sea level of 1,800 meters. The concerts however, as it has become custom, will not be taking place in a well decorated concert hall but instead in the different huts and pastures of the holiday region. The musicians will play only folk music.

You will have the chance to listen to some of it also on the slopes of Alpe di Siusi or during lunchtime in one of the many alpine huts, as well as in the pubs and public locals in the evening.

For more information about this unique festival, click here.

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Starting in Easter 2014, selected hotels and guest houses offer the new Alpe di Siusi Holiday Area Live guest card. With it, you can explore the holiday region Alpe di Siusi and the whole of South Tyrol by public transport.

The services of the card include free use of the regional trains, public buses and cable cars of South Tyrol.

A few of the hotels offering this card grant you even free entrance to many museums and sights all over South Tyrol.

For more information about the new guest card, click here.

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Despite the last weeks’ changeable weather, the skiing areas of South Tyrol now provide the perfect conditions for some enjoyable skiing in the sun, and with many attractive offers in store for all ski enthusiasts.  

Enjoy these winter days by not missing out on the Dolomiti SuperSUN bargain, offered until mid-April by every skiing area that is part of the large Dolomiti Superski carousel. With it, you’ll get a discount of 20% in all the participating ski rentals, as well as a 15% reduction in various ski schools.

Your kids, too, will profit from it: with Dolomiti SuperKIDS, children up to 12 years of age will get a discount of 50% on the day ski pass!

Don’t miss this opportunity! The skiing season in South Tyrol isn’t over yet.

© Consorzio Turistico Alpe di Siusi

For the lovers of winter sports Nix the witch has many advices for a safe skiing adventure. How do overtake another skier? What can I do if someone is hurt? What’s important at the Alpe di Siusi Snowpark? Nix the witch knows all the answers!

From first aid to safety rules and the regulations of the FIS (Fédération Internationale de Ski) – Nix the witch accompanies young and old safely through the skiing season.

For more information, click here.

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Explore the snow-covered nature of the Alpe di Siusi on one of the many snowshoe routes and discover the fascinating landscape of the Dolomites.

Snowshoeing doesn’t require any special knowledge or skills. The only thing you need in order to get out the most of this adventure is a pair of snowshoes.
Off the beaten track you can pave your way through the deep snow and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the mountains.

For more information and some tips concerning the routes, click here.


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